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Schneider Electric
800 Federal St.
Andover, MA 01810


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Modern, Modular Switchboard

Gear up for a new service model for switchboard sourcing, installation, and maintenance that reduces project risk, increases construction efficiencies, and shortens lead times. Schneider Electric has launched FlexSeT, which offers a simplified, modular service model. The company says the product improves construction and maintenance operations with a range of features including digital integration, full traceability, customized configuration, and faster deployments. Lead times can be in as little as 72 hours with simplified installation, requiring just two hours for a team of two. All steps through the assembly, installation, and maintenance can be tracked through a connected app, which also offers access to a digital twin for each product, providing step-by-step instructions through the assembly process with a visual model. Additionally, FlexSeT uses the UL’s EMAP (Extended Manufacturing Assemblers Process) standards for quality assurance and flexible assembly options, which ultimately results in faster assembly and delivery for construction projects, while ensuring high standards for quality.

“Contractors need traceability. Schneider Electric offers FlexSeT, which is a new, modular service model for switchboard sourcing and offers connectivity through an app, providing greater flexibility and faster delivery. I would call that a success.”

Peggy Smedley
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