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Taking a Mindset on Safety

Among the newer acronyms in business, EH&S (environmental, health, and safety) can be both a cost center and a benefit. There is no doubt that environmental, health and safety programs can save companies money once implemented as these areas are often the biggest internal cost centers, and as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown EH&S affects employees and customers alike. Getting started can be a bit difficult, however, and firms that make that less challenging are coming into their own.

For example, a collection of online videos called EHS Mindset was begun in 2021 with a discussion on Process Improvement. These videos have been hosted online but will now be accessible as the third addition to the EH&S Knowledge Network, SafetyStratus Resources

EHS Mindset was designed to spark conversations surrounding occupational health, process improvement, and sustainability by bringing together connected professionals, authors, and change agents and engaging them on topics in their respective fields to improve other EH&S professionals’ understanding.

After almost a year of conversations about breakthrough solutions and collaborating with global safety industry professionals, SafetyStratus has released a dedicated webpage for customers to access these videos and contribute to the conversation. These areas all touch on the central goal of EH&S professionals to promote wellness for employees.

As process improvement entails implementing change within an organization, employees must be able to handle that change. EH&S professionals improving their understanding of best practices for process improvement will enable them to help employees through this operation.

And the realm of sustainability is becoming increasingly intertwined with the world of EH&S. Acceptance of sustainable goals by organizations is fast becoming a normal practice. As many of the components of sustainability deal directly with the safety and fair treatment of people, it is extremely beneficial for EH&S professionals to have a firm understanding of the breadth of this topic.

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