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The Next Era of Technology Adoption

We are on the cusp of a new era of technology innovation and adoption as we unveil the 2022 Constructech Top Products. Think digital twins, AI (artificial intelligence), the IoT (Internet of Things), and data, data, data—all to enable better designs, scheduling, project management, building, and project forecasting. Amid a worker shortage and what seems to be constant disruption, construction companies are more prone than ever before to turn to technology to fill in the gaps left from an ever-retiring workforce and the upheaval caused by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic.

This New Year brings with it a confluence of new technologies that are set to help construction surge in a new age of building and digital transformation. In a world where change is constant, Gartner says infrastructure and operations leaders must shift their traditional focus from efficiency to one of adaptive resilience. Gartner analysts predict by 2026, 50% of large organizations will use agile learning as the upskilling and reskilling method.

With new technologies come new processes that will lead to more successful and profitable construction projects. The challenge is finding the right technologies is not an easy feat. This is where the Constructech Top Products enter the equation.

To help identify the best technology on the market, Constructech recognizes the most innovative solutions in the construction industry evaluating and honoring companies with a Top Products award.

When judging the Top Products, the editors, along with the editorial board and other industry advisors, take into consideration the backbone and core functionality of each platform, but also new functionality that will allow constructors, owner/operators, and homebuilders develop strategies around technology.

Top Products can fall within three categories: Concept Product, New Product, or Trusted Product. The Concept Product category features new technology concepts that are less than three months old, while New Products have been in the market for less than two years. The Trusted Product category features technology that has been in the market for at least three years and have been upgraded or enhanced.

The hope is the research that is conducted will help you identify the best products in the construction market as well as the solutions necessary to implement in 2022 and beyond.

Below are some of the Top Products winners the Constructech editors have profiled that were chosen by the panel of the judges. Each of the companies we are celebrating here have demonstrated their dedication to bringing solutions to market that continue to help make the construction industry more productive and profitable. Join us in celebrating each of these companies.

Constructech staff

Company NameProductCategory Awards 22
AboutTime TechnologiesWorkMaxTrusted Product
ADDAADDA ConstructNew Product
ALICE TechnologiesALICETrusted Products
Aurigo SoftwareMasterworks 2021Trusted Product
Austin Lane TechnologiesALMobileTrusted Product
Bentley SystemsSYNCHRO 4DNew Product
Bentley Systems SYNCHRO ControlNew Product
Bentley Systems SYNCHRO FieldNew Product
Computer Guidance Corp.eCMS Cloud Construction ERP v4.2Trusted Product
Contractor Foreman Contractor Foreman Trusted Product
CupixCupixWorks 2.0New Product
EmesentHovermapTrusted Product
Explorer SoftwareExplorer EclipseTrusted Product
GendaGendaNew Product
GeoforceGT0 GPS Satellite Asset TrackerTrusted Product
McNeilusMcNeilus FLEX ControlsTrusted Product
Schneider ElectricFlexSeTConcept Product
SystematesProjectmates Construction Project
Management Software
Trusted Product
TensarTensar+SoftwareNew Product

2022 Constructech Top Product Winners
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