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To Robot or Not?

Construction has always been a job for people; workers who pour the concrete, walk the beams, dive the cranes, and put up the walls. People who hammer the nails, place the wires, and plumb the plumbing. Or not.

Manufactured housing is an example of people being more in the supervisory side of construction and machines, including robotics, do the actual building of the roofs and walls, interior and exterior. In some cases, this philosophy is carried all the way to the jobsite.

OFFSITEK, a Charlotte-based integrated construction company, is using robots, steel, and creative partnerships with local municipalities to give first-time homebuyers options that work within their budgets, are high quality, and are good for the environment. The company recently announced a partnership with the City of Hickory in the Charlotte, NC area to work together with JRN Development, LLC to invest in the development and construction of affordable housing on city-owned property. The homes, in the Ridgeview Subdivision, will be three bedrooms with two baths, garage, single and two-story floorplans, and priced between $145,000 and $175,000.

Utilizing advanced technology and sustainable components in their Charlotte, NC, factory, OFFSITEK will merge automation, robotic assembly, and cutting-edge software to deliver residential and commercial construction at reduced cost and lead times. One factor that sets the company apart is the use of steel in their construction approach.

Steel is a resilient material with reserve strength that results in significant advantages in natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, is mold and vermin resistant and is dimensionally stable, eliminates construction waste significantly, and is flame resistant.

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