TBD Awards (WSHA)

TBD Awards (WSHA)

A Call to All Women. All Industries. All Titles.

New Day. New Honor. A New Celebration.

For more than two decades we have celebrated the achievements of the technology applied in key verticals.

For the past decade we have celebrated women in verticals like manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, supply chain, and transportation.

Today we celebrate women who are using their minds, hearts, hands, and talents, collaborating with others to make our world more sustainable, eco-friendly, and resilient for generations to come.

We invite you to nominate women who are making a difference in our world, driving solutions and projects forward with clarity and guidance, supporting DEI, people culture, environment, supply chain, sustainability, innovation, ESG, and more.

We want women, no matter where they rank in an organization, to recognize they are making a difference and are focused on leaving a lasting mark based on their collaborative efforts for future generations.

The application is here

Deadline for submission June 10

Winners will be announced October 1

For questions email awards@specialtypub.com