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Kicking Off 2014 with NFC

The analysts are forecasting a big year for NFC (near-field communication) in 2014, but I say simply look around. This trend is evident in the fact that NFC is everywhere we go. Case in point: New Year’s Eve.

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Creating a Connected World

In addition to snow flurries across the country, this is also the time of year we are privy to a flurry of predictions from the analysts about what is to come in the year ahead. Not surprising, a number of reports have crossed my desk recently predicting 2014 will be the year of M2M and IoT (Internet of Things).

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Connected Energy: How Do We Move Forward?

I am constantly covering stories about connected-energy programs. It is encouraging to hear these stories, but while smart meters and other energy initiatives are being rolled out across the country, consumer involvement is still relatively low.

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Baby Boomers Get Connected

I recently came across a survey that reports 15% of American adults ages 18 and older do not use the Internet or email. Naturally, as a member of the millennial generation, this number surprised me.

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Samsung Gears Up for Wearable Market

Wearable technology is one of the next big markets for M2M and connected devices—with one analyst firm even forecasting 170 million wearable devices will be shipped in 2016. Samsung is looking to place its stake in this market.

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The Theme Park, Reinvented

What’s on your agenda this summer: concerts, theme parks, festivals, cruises? With vacation season just around the corner, many people are planning weekend festivities and I am excited to say many of the venues are taking the guest experience to a whole new level—and at just the right time too.

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Beyond GPS: Pet Devices with NFC?

Chances are you probably know a “dog person” or a “cat person.” For these people, their pets are the center of their universe.

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Ballparks Get Connected with M2M

I have to admit I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to baseball. I don’t particularly like when a ballpark has a giant screen in the outfield or interactive games.

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Smart Cities: Challenges and M2M Solutions

Following the recent news that America’s infrastructure is receiving an overall grade of a D+, could we soon see an infusion of M2M in infrastructure and cities across the country? I might argue the nation’s near-failing infrastructure grade signals M2M is needed in cities now more than ever.

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Samsung Makes a Move for Connected Devices and M2M

The imminent launch of Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone has everyone talking about the expected size and capabilities of the latest device. What has piqued my interest—even more than functionality and the much-discussed race between Samsung and Apple to lead the smartphone market—is Samsung’s intent and overall strategy surrounding connected devices and M2M.

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