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Computer Guidance Deliver Mission-Critical Data

Data is exploding in the construction industry, as it offers an opportunity to keep a closer eye on the project, helping to heighten worker productivity and ultimately improving the bottom line. The benefits are clear—but wading through all that data can be challenging.

Allied Market Research suggests the global big data and business analytics market was valued at $225.3 billion in 2023 and will grow by roughly 11.62% between 2024 and 2033. This is due to numerous factors including the increased need to gain insights for business planning.

With business analytics, construction companies can gain greater insights into the business and projects, which will ultimately give a clear direction on how to improve productivity and profit.

To help achieve all this, Computer Guidance offers eCMS, which is an ERP (enterprise-resource) planning set of cloud-based, web-based applications developed specifically for the commercial construction industry. The financial and operations applications offer accurate and reliable information to decision makers anywhere and anytime.

With eCMS, users maximize profitability with a comprehensive suite of connected applications on a single platform for payroll, project and service management, business analytics, equipment, supply chain functions, and financials. In the past year, the company has added newly enhanced financial reporting functionality, advanced business intelligence and analytics, a field application, and new third-party integrations.

What makes this product so unique is it offers construction companies secure access to automation and data analytics when and where people need it, while also offering cloud computing, enabling high availability and scalability.

“eCMS v.4.2 from Computer Guidance continues to be a staple for many construction companies, offering decision makers the opportunity to collaborate with data,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Constructech, and president of Specialty Publishing Media. “What I love here is that by leveraging mission-critical data, contractors can achieve greater productivity and profit, which is a win-win.”

That is the digital difference delivered through eCMS enterprise-class construction management software for commercial contractors—managing the mission-critical data that is captured, created, modified, shared, and stored during day-to-day activities.

As we move further into 2024, this is what today’s contractor needs to gain greater productivity and profitability in their business: mission-critical data. What next step will your construction company take to drive greater value?

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