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The connected building is not a fantasy, it’s a reality. But the integrated building is still a way off, it seems. To connect intelligent devices requires interoperability among those devices where proprietary protocols are the enemy and universality is a goal.

Many manufacturers provide connected devices that are only compatible within one brand’s platform. For example, a consumer may purchase a connected washer and dryer from Brand A and benefit from features like notifications that alert the user when their wash or dry cycle is complete. Unfortunately, these notifications can only be enabled via Brand A’s platform.

Interoperability enables consumers to purchase a washer from Brand A and a dryer from Brand B (or vice versa) and still receive the convenient wash or dry cycle completion notification either from Brand A’s platform or Brand B’s platform. The consumer can choose which platform they prefer to use. Furthermore, consumers are no longer locked into one brand but can purchase devices from other brands based on their preference.

To further that goal, organization like the HCA Home Connectivity Alliance) come into play. Home Connectivity Alliance is an organization dedicated to the development and promotion of safe and secure interoperability across long-life appliances, HVAC systems, and TVs within the connected home ecosystem. Made up of multiple manufacturers and developers of smart devices, HCA strives to have each member share its goal of open collaboration to provide consumers with more choices for their connected home through C2C (cloud-to-cloud) interoperability, supporting the compatibility of devices across brands.

For example, HCA welcomed home and professional appliances manufacturer Vestel as its newest member recently, joining founding members American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Arçelik, The Electrolux Group, Haier, GE Appliances, Samsung Electronics, and Trane Residential. Vestel Group is a multi-industry global manufacturer of consumer electronics, major domestic appliances, HVAC systems, EV charging systems, and the largest television manufacturer in Europe.

Consumer safety and data privacy are essential pillars of HCA’s mission, as well as driving innovation through collaboration with key government agencies and trade alliances. HCA recently established its Public Affairs Working Group to support initiatives related to data security, consumer safety and privacy. Members of the alliance will have the opportunity to innovate, influence industry trends, share expertise across peers, and become leaders in expanding the connected home ecosystem while the alliance presents the public and government agencies with a single image.

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