Internet of Things

Future of 5G

As I stated in a previous column and on my radio show, 5G was pretty popular once again this year, but there was a different feeling in the air about it. Okay, I do agree there might have been some 5G fatigue from years of hype.

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CES 2020 Trends and Wrap up

CES 2020 did not disappoint if you were looking for IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), and almost any connected technologies you could only dream about and perhaps a few you might have never imagined. Toyota announced Woven City, a sort of “living laboratory” at the foot of Japan’s Mt. Fuji that will focus on developing and testing technologies in the realms of robotics, autonomous vehicles, smart construction and manufacturing, and smart homes.

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Participating in the Internet for the Future

Have you given much thought about what to expect from the Internet of tomorrow? Candidly, this topic has been foremost on my mind lately after I sat down with executives from Cisco to discuss the company’s vision of the Internet for the Future.

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Stacy Schwartz – FirstNet: Safety And First Responders

Peggy and Stacy Schwartz, vice president, public safety and FirstNet sales, AT&T, discuss the importance of FirstNet, and how it is designed to improve communications across the U.S. public safety community and the milestones it has already achieved.

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What the MEC?

One of the topics that I’ve spent a considerable amount a time investigating lately is MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing).

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Will Tech Help Manufacturing, Really?

For this column I want to talk about manufacturing, one of my favorite subjects. I have been writing about manufacturing for more than 20 years. If you have been following the space at all then you know the latest ISM (Institute for Supply Management) Manufacturing Index might be showing another month of contracting economic activity in the manufacturing sector.

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Emily Lyons Soelberg: AT&T Takes on NB-IoT

Peggy and Emily Lyons Soelberg, vice president, product management, IoT (Internet of Things), AT&T, talk about how everything is getting connected and how the IoT will really change the trajectory of AT&T’s business.

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SC Hurdles and the IoT

We are just about at the end of the year and readying ourselves to make predictions for the new decade, but before I start to do that, I thought we should look at what’s been happening in procurement, supply chain, and how the IoT (Internet of Things) is making an impact on business processes.

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What’s Ahead for AVs and Robotaxis

‘Tis the season for looking ahead, and one of the most exciting technologies on the horizon is AVs (autonomous vehicles), including both personal AVs and transportation services, like autonomous taxis or “robotaxis.”

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