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Digital Transformation and Infrastructure

With the signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and a significant portion of our infrastructure reaching the end of its expected life, the demand for infrastructure renewal and asset management is higher than ever. As funds are allocated to begin the work on U.S. infrastructure, companies around the country are preparing to enter the bidding wars to get a part of the action. Those that are already on the leading edge of digitalization will, no doubt, have a leg up. And developers and vendors of the products to make a difference in digitalization are ready, too.

Trimble and Infotech, a SaaS solutions provider for the infrastructure construction industry, for example, have entered into an enhanced collaboration to improve the inspection process for civil infrastructure projects. Through the connection of Trimble Access field software and Infotech’s Appia service, the software integration streamlines the workflow from survey to construction to provide high-accuracy measurement workflows for daily work reports and inspection reporting for inspectors in engineering, construction, and local public agencies.

Why does this collaboration matter? Traditionally, inspectors transcribe their measurements manually. By streamlining the connection between data collected by Trimble GNSS (global navigation satellite system) rovers and simultaneously syncing Trimble Access, Infotech Mobile Inspector, and Infotech Appia, inspectors can now complete their daily work reports more efficiently in the field for their item quantity measurements and reduce errors by removing manual processes.

According to Trimble, this solution digitizes the construction inspection process for architecture, engineering, AEC consulting firms, and local public agencies by connecting office to field. By creating a complete digital delivery tool for construction inspection, it removes barriers such as siloed data from multiple sources through the unification of inspection processes. This integration drastically advances inspection measurement workflows by giving inspectors the capability to accurately represent the infrastructure asset, streamlining the asset management lifecycle workflow of digital as-built models for infrastructure projects.

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