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Getting Ready for An Infrastructure Boom

The 2021 Infrastructure Bill has passed and been signed into law. Now we wait to see where the money goes and what infrastructure projects will get the green light first. Construction companies that deal with heavy work are getting ready and the suppliers to those companies are doing their part. Technology providers, especially, are gearing up new products to help heavy construction “move the metal”—and dirt, concrete, gravel, and everything else.

Trimble, for example, just introduced the R750 GNSS Modular Receiver, a connected base station for use in civil construction and geospatial applications. The R750 provides improved base station performance, giving contractors and surveyors more reliable and precise positioning in the field.

The R750 can be used to broadcast RTK (realtime kinematic) corrections for a wide range of applications, including seismic surveying, monitoring, civil construction, precision agriculture and more. Access to all available satellite signals provides improved performance and reliability when used with a Trimble ProPoint GNSS (global navigation satellite system) rover. ProPoint gives users improved performance in challenging GNSS conditions, with ground-breaking signal management.

Featuring a built-in LTE modem, the R750 can provide corrections via the internet, making it easier to extend the range of a base station anywhere with cellular coverage. The built-in modem also provides remote access and management, delivery of email alerts and notifications, and data transfer capabilities between the field and the office.

For monitoring applications, the R750 provides precision capabilities for construction and geospatial customers deploying automated systems. Combined with Trimble 4D Control real-time monitoring software, users can capture high-frequency 3D positions for alarming and reporting on movement. The R750 offers multiple communication methods that provide flexibility for customers on how they deploy their monitoring system.

Trimble also has put its Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform software and Trimble Siteworks software as a subscription service. Contractors now can implement and scale Trimble’s machine control and construction surveying solutions more easily and with no large up-front costs.

As an example, Earthworks Subscription Service and Trimble Siteworks Subscription Service provide the software solutions at a contracted, fixed monthly price with flexible 12-month, 36-month and 60-month terms, giving customers the ability to modernize large fleets and to survey equipment inventories without a large capital investment. Trimble’s subscription services are a cost-effective, predictable way for users new to technology to get started and ideal for contractors looking to switch technology providers.

Plans include Trimble WorksManager Software, the cloud-based application that allows users to wirelessly transfer data from the office to the field, ensuring that field teams are always working with the latest 3D constructible models. Hardware and software upgrades are also included for the full term, and accidental damage protection for hardware is part of the contract in some regions. Local technical support, training and customer service packages from SITECH construction technology dealers can be included in the subscription service.

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