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Gig Delivery

The so-called “gig economy” took off with Uber and Lyft drivers working freelance and getting referrals from an app on smartphones. Need a ride? Home delivery of dinner? An app will locate you and the nearest driver and match you up. But what if a ride—or food delivery—isn’t your immediate problem?

If you are on a new construction jobsite, wondering where your nearest supply store might be, an app that can arrange delivery of additional material or tools might be a good thing. Well, someone thought of that app. In Benton Harbor, Michigan, startup Sitedropp is recruiting customers, suppliers, and drivers for an on-demand delivery service for home improvement and construction materials.

Sitedropp is doing what it calls a soft launch that will reward a select number of early customers with extremely discounted, and in some cases complimentary, delivery services. In return, Sitedropp is gathering feedback on its app so that they may provide customers and suppliers with the best user experience. 

During the soft launch Sitedropp will manage the number of users invited to the app to manage capacity for deliveries. Contractors who use the app are enjoying a lift to productivity and a very healthy cost savings. Retailers can partner with Sitedropp to meet the high customer expectations for fast delivery. Sitedropp’s goal is to make construction and home improvement easier by “delivering today what customers need most for their best tomorrow.”

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