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Here Comes the EV Infrastructure

State by state, we are seeing more rollout out plans for EV (electric vehicle) infrastructure. Here in my home state of South Carolina, Governor Henry McMaster recently signed an executive order, which formalizes the governor’s efforts to coordinate the future rollout of the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure.

The Governor announced Executive Order 2022-31 that:

  1. Designates an EV Coordinator to serve as a “one stop” resource for the public, business community, and industry stakeholders on EV related issues.
  2. Coordinates implementation of strategic initiatives designed to prioritize/enhance ongoing economic development and recruitment efforts by identifying, encouraging, and incentivizing EV and automotive manufactures to locate in SC.
  3. Orders collaboration with interagency EV working group (also established in Executive Order) in developing comprehensive statewide plan regarding the deployment of EV related resources.

Here is what I like about this effort. It is training the state’s workforce to be prepared for the jobs related to the industry—which is not an easy task.

One way it is doing this is by having the South Carolina Dept. of Employment and Workforce conduct a supply-gap analysis of the electric vehicle ecosystem by working with the business community, industry stakeholders, education providers, and other state agencies and departments, to evaluate electric vehicle-specific occupations and the projected demand for any relevant training, credentials, or certifications.

This agency will explore opportunities to enhance the state’s workforce development policies to specifically address the needs of the electric vehicle industry. The agency will also identify and report to the governor and the General Assembly any recommended statutory or regulatory changes need to address these specific needs.

This is a good first step. We know we need to build the infrastructure if we want to see electric vehicles take off—and we also know we need the workers if we want to build the infrastructure.  

On a disappointing note, I still don’t like the politics of green and the lack of interviews some companies refused to give as we headed into the midterms. Regardless of your view, it’s good to see the state of South Carolina exploring many new opportunities for its citizens. I am eager to watch as it continues to roll forward and to see what happens next.

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