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Success Stories: 5G Smart City

In the future, cities will be smarter than they are today—and they will be more connected. With the rise of 5G, the cloud, AI (artificial intelligence), AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), robotics, and IoT (Internet of Things) services, anything is possible, and we are beginning to see that come to fruition in cities.

As one example, National Landing is located at the center of the D.C. region and is made up of three neighborhoods: Crystal City, Pentagon City, and Potomac Yard. National Landing is home to the Pentagon, Boeing’s global headquarters, Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus, and Amazon’s second global headquarters. Owner and developer JBG SMITH is working with Fortress Solutions to create a 5G smart city at National Landing.

Here is how this city is becoming connected.

Looking to the future, we are going to see more connectivity in cities all around the world. This will bring new opportunities for new technologies to citizens and businesses, helping to create those more connected communities that we have been talking about for years. 5G is what we have been waiting for—and now it is here.

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