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Success Stories: AI and Online Food Ordering

The vast majority of restaurants do not have photos for the majority of their online menu items. These businesses cannot afford to have photos taken each time they change a seasonal menu or for specials. Enter AI (artificial intelligence), which can streamline the ordering process.

To help, SWIPEBY is a custom direct ordering platform with features that enable restaurants to generate realistic images based on menu item descriptions and headlines. SWIPEBY incorporates Open AI and Stability AI text-to-photo models and technology.

With the technology, restaurant owners use their menu’s item description and headline, and the platform quickly generates an image. Each image is unique, realistic, and allows customers to visualize what they are ordering. The images can also be downloaded for use on a restaurant’s website, direct mail, social media, printed menus, and other marketing materials.

Here is how this can help:

Looking to the future, we are going to see the rise of AI in many businesses, as it can help to streamline processes and cut costs. Still, the question always looms: Is it ethical?

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