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Success Stories: Decarbonization

Many companies are taking a step toward decarbonization to bring a sustainable future for all. Such is the case for builders and developers—and many are creating a clear roadmap for how to create that more sustainable future.

As one instance, The Daniels Corp., recently created a decarbonization roadmap that outlines an action blueprint for its next two development cycles, which illustrates how it plans to become a leading low-carbon builder and developer. The company will replace technologies and systems that run on fossil fuels with alternatives that run on low-carbon electricity to reduce pollution and carbon footprint. For example, geoexchange, air-source heat pumps, and rooftop solar installations.

Here is how this can help:

Looking to the future, we will see the rise of more low-carbon master-planned communities to help address the climate crisis we face. Construction companies and developers will need to lead the charge in the built environment to make lasting change happen.

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