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Success Stories: Shades for Sustainable Homes

Sustainability is paramount in homes these days, as many homeowners want homes that are energy efficient and net zero. Energy-saving shades can help enable an off-grid, self-sufficient, resilient, and carbon-neutral home.

As an example, VISION House at Mariposa Meadows has battery-powered, automated roller shades to highlight the role of motorized shades in generating energy savings and overall sustainability. The technology from PowerShades can be programmed to reduce energy costs to take advantage of the sun during colder days and keep rooms cool during the heat of the summer in residential, commercial, and hospitality applications.

Here is how this can help in homes:

Looking to the future, we are going to see the rise of technology in the smart home, specifically designed to make a home more sustainable for the homeowner. Automated shades are one example of what will come to homes in the future.

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