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Success Stories: Sustainability Showcase

Manufacturing companies are creating sustainable facilities that cut greenhouse gas emissions with the use of technologies. While this is happening across many sectors, one recent example comes from the food industry.

Frito-Lay North America announced the near completion of its Modesto, California, facility’s transformation into a showcase for sustainable manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution technologies including site-wide alternative fuel vehicles, energy storage equipment, and employee electric vehicle charging stations.

Started in 2019, the project—which is 500,000-sq.ft., sitting on 80 acres and employing more than 1,100 associates—demonstrates the sustainability benefits of zero-emission and near zero-emission technologies. These updates include the replacement of diesel fleet assets with alternatives, fueling and charging infrastructure of the new fleet, and on-site renewable energy generation and storage.

Here is how this can help in manufacturing:

Looking to the future, this can serve as a template for how to accelerate large-scale commercialization of zero-emission and near zero-emission technologies at freight facilities and warehouses.

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