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Success Stories: Utility Motorcycles

Electrification is coming to many fleets, offering a way to save money and improve the environment. Such is the case for a new partnership, which includes an order of 1,500 motorcycles that will be distributed throughout Greece and Cyprus.

As one example, CAKE, a manufacturer of electric motorcycles, and Automotive Solutions, a provider of electric vehicles to businesses in Greece, have inked an agreement to distribute the motorcycles. This is simply one example too. CAKE is currently expanding its distribution network with premium partners in several regions, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, South America, and Africa. Look for more distribution announcements in the months ahead.

Here is how this can help:

Looking to the future, we are going to see the rise in electrification in all areas of transportation—on the roads, on the rails, on the seas, in the air, and everywhere in between. We will certainly keep an eye on how electrification is coming to fleets of vehicles.

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