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Tech Changes the World of Work

In 2024, we are seeing a resurgence of even more repetitive tasks being replaced by new technologies, creating a shift in the way we work. This is producing a new open work environment, giving the worker of tomorrow more flexibility over their work schedule, while also creating a safer, more collaborative jobsite for everyone.

Our research report Who Is the Worker of Tomorrow reveals technology is driving the world forward in new and exciting ways. When it comes to the use of technology in the construction industry, we see Gen Z workers looking more intently at companies who are putting a greater emphasis on emerging solutions.

There are many reasons for this. Technology demonstrates a company is innovative and technology can ultimately save time for everyone working on a construction project—construction managers, project managers, the business owner, you name it. In construction, saving time is key to ensure an efficient and profitable construction project—all while keeping workers happy.

Consider the example of JobPlanner, which can help save time. The platform can help a project run smoothly—from communicating with specialty contractors to job costing to managing bids. The technology is designed to make everything easier to access, manage, and control.

In addition to being specifically designed for the construction industry, one of the big values is everything is in one spot. With the help of JobPlanner, teams have access to all the information they need for a project in one location.

To capture the most out of the construction management platform, the company recommends taking four key steps.

  1. Define project goals and scope—and then document important project details in the technology.
  2. Create a comprehensive project schedule, assign tasks, and set deadlines. This allows for success in the next two steps—greater collaboration and resource allocation.
  3. Allocate resources efficiently. With updates and visibility into resource availability, technology helps avoid conflicts and delays while maximizing productivity.
  4. Foster collaboration and communication, which are essential for construction project planning and management. Notifications and the ability to assign tasks within the software promote transparency and streamline communication.

If construction businesses want to get the best worker out of the new generation of workers, companies need to promote their commitment to technology as well as establish a solid plan and a path for the future. How will you proceed forward in this new era of work?

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