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Trimble Preps for Infrastructure Challenges

Trimble, like many suppliers to the construction industry, is looking forward to the expansion of infrastructure work developing from the bipartisan infrastructure bill President Biden signed last year. With the passage of the IIJA (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act)—and other infrastructure legislation across the globe—owners are investing in digital transformation to better manage the full lifecycle of their assets from design to build to operation. The adoption of the digital twin—a virtual 3D model designed to accurately reflect a physical object—is transforming construction and asset operations.

To compliment its portfolio of software and services, Trimble has acquired AgileAssets, a provider of enterprise infrastructure asset management software to private organizations and government. AgileAssets’ SaaS (software-as-a-service) asset management solutions provide organizations with advanced analytics for realtime decision making as well as insights for efficiently managing day-to-day maintenance operations. Their solutions address the global challenges associated with maintaining and replacing aging transportation infrastructure.

AgileAssets provides organizations managing roads, bridges, airports, and rail assets with SaaS solutions to better plan, operate and report on assets across the lifecycle. For example, using realtime inspection data and advanced analytics capabilities provides insight and intelligence to make more informed decisions on how to maintain or reconstruct vital infrastructure. To date, AgileAssets has helped infrastructure asset owners to maintain approximately 55% of state and highway roads (approximately 2.8 million lane miles) and 357,000 U.S. bridges.

The addition of AgileAssets to Trimble’s platform will add “as-designed” and “as-built” data to the 3D model for the maintenance and improvement phases. Availability of this data within the model creates a robust digital twin for owners throughout the asset lifecycle. This solution allows an owner to track the transportation asset through its full lifecycle, which provides greater predictability, sustainability, and lower lifetime asset costs.

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