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Utility Launches CORE

Utility,, is making its way into the IoT (Internet of Things) industry with some key products and a newly announced partnership.

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Kids, Gamification, and Good Deeds

The “gamification” trend seems to prove that we’re all more motivated to do (insert whatever’s being tracked here) when we have a platform or device to help us quantify our actions.


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Performance-Enhancing Data Helps NFL

I don’t know of any member of the Connected World staff that is not a huge fan of the National Football League and as a member of the M2M community, the announcement that the NFL would be deploying Zebra Technologies’ MotionWorks sports solution to track players via RFID (radio-frequency identification) during the 2014 season was just about as exciting as it gets.

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ColorTouch Thermostat

When you live in Chicago, one minute the weather outside is too hot, and the next it’s too cold—something we have experienced all too much of this year. But, one place you should always count on being […]