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Monitoring Vital Signs at Home

People want to be able to monitor and track their personal health information without having to go to the doctor.

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Partnership Develops New PLC Smart Meter

With AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) playing an important role in any smart-grid development, the necessity for smart PLC (power line communications) solutions is very important.

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CFOs Driving Digital Investments

Technology is changing business on many levels—from streamlining workflow to prompting new/different investment strategies.


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Driverless Cars and Distracted Driving Don’t Mix

I just spent the last few days in Atlanta at Mobility Live and after all the talk about technology I wasn’t surprised to hear people saying Georgia just might be one of the first states to receive the self-driving cars from Google.

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Improving Weather Forecasting

Whatever your belief may be about global warming induced by human activity as the cause for the changing weather patterns we are experiencing across the planet, the changes will have ecological, economic and geopolitical impact.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Now They’re Talkin’

  • Since the unexpected can happen and we are not always in control of the situation, Peggy Smedley says for us to achieve safety on the roads we must act in concert with one another.
  • According to Bill Bronrott, deputy administrator, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, technology is a key component to creating a 21st century transportation system that moves people safely.
  • Sonny Tacher, Desert Mountain health and safety manager, UPS, believes the most important stop his drivers make on a daily basis is the one home at the end of the day.
  • Doug Horn, founder, Drive By Example, says he has seen the devastation created by distracted driving and believes it has reached crisis level.
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ColorTouch Thermostat

When you live in Chicago, one minute the weather outside is too hot, and the next it’s too cold—something we have experienced all too much of this year. But, one place you should always count on being […]