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Health Monitoring Ups Proactive Care

The current method of healthcare in which the patient typically travels to a facility to be seen or treated may not be the model that exists in the future.

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RFID, Not Magic, Gets the Job Done

Walt Disney World and the Walt Disney World Resort may be magical, but even the businesses operating within these walls can use the help of M2M technology.

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Ford Partners for Connected Cars

It seems simple enough: Keep your eyes on the road while driving. But for a society that has so much connectivity at its fingertips, it’s not always that easy.


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The Chicago Cubs and the CW 100

Recently Connected World magazine unveiled its ranking of the elite technology leaders based on their contributions to the connected devices marketplace.

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Improving Weather Forecasting

Whatever your belief may be about global warming induced by human activity as the cause for the changing weather patterns we are experiencing across the planet, the changes will have ecological, economic and geopolitical impact.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Now They’re Talkin’

  • Peggy Smedley says Toyota has been at the forefront of technology in the auto industry and applauds its efforts to focus on safety features in its vehicles.
  • According to Richard Harkness, CEO, ADEPT Driver, those who studied teen driving looked at it from a “behavioral disorder” standpoint and found what was taught in driver’s education was not related to incidents involving teen accidents.
  • Roy Bavaro, board member, NOYS, believes parents have a responsibility to show their kids there is a problem with distracted driving and should work with them before giving the green light to get a driver’s license.
  • Although adults can also be distracted while driving, Ray Bingham, research professor, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, states teens are distracted more often and must do a better job of being consciously aware of their surroundings.
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ColorTouch Thermostat

When you live in Chicago, one minute the weather outside is too hot, and the next it’s too cold—something we have experienced all too much of this year. But, one place you should always count on being […]