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Today’s IoT Device Security Affects Tomorrow

The IoT (Internet of Things) is growing rapidly. Is security keeping up?
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Verizon Field Tests Ultrafast NG-PON2 Technology

If there’s one constant in the tech space, it’s that faster will always be the next best thing.
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Updated Resource Hub for DDS Community

In order to support the IoT (Internet of Things), developers using the DDS (data distribution service) standard by providing detailed information, use cases, a directory of vendors, news and events, and more, Twin Oaks Computing,, and OMG (Object Management Group),, have launched a new DDS Portal.
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Google Business View Allows Users to See Inside, Making a Deep Impact on Local Chicago Businesses

Google has partnered with MassInteract, a rapidly growing, Chicago-based digital marketing agency, to provide small and large businesses alike Google’s new marketing tool, Business View.


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Being Aware of the Consequences

In today's society we are focused on getting things done fast. That means multitasking. That means doing whatever it takes regardless of thinking of the consequences.
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Inceptionism: When the Artist Is an Artificial Intelligence

When something you see or read triggers multiple trains of thought simultaneously, insight follows, the “aha” moment arrives, and you might get a mild headache.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Now They’re Talkin’

  • My car does what? Peggy kicks off the month discussing a campaign that focuses on safety features in vehicles. She says one of the symptoms of society in general is a lack of awareness of road safety. There is no question safety is a key component, she explains, but at the same time it is disheartening to think consumers aren’t fully aware or taking advantage of what vehicles have to offer.
  • Peggy continues the distracted-driving discussion, asking listeners about laws in states. Do you know some states still do not ban texting at all? Do you know laws vary from city to city? She says many drivers are not aware of the current law. Peggy sees drivers holding handheld phones in Illinois, even though the law has changed and all handheld devices are banned in Illinois. The GHSA has a detailed chart outlining the various distracted-driving laws, state-by-state.
  • Did you know there are three major types of distracted driving? Peggy explains visual, manual, and cognitive distractions in this segment, and says you can’t multitask and drive. She says we need to focus on the task at-hand, which is driving. She tells a story of a 12-year-old boy who was killed by a woman who said even though four cars and a school bus were stopped, she didn’t even attempt to stop.
  • What are the top distractions while driving? Peggy says the top spot is wireless devices, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. However, what about No. 2? It is not an electronic device, but rather talking to a passenger, she explains. Peggy continues, saying No. 3 is reaching for CDs or objects. She goes through the list, and asks listeners what can be done to improve the distracted-driving epidemic.
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