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ArcSoft Pumps up simplicam Security

One goal the entire IoT (Internet of Things) community shares is making sure security is where it needs to be so that end users are as protected as possible.
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Sensory Upgrades Voice-Recognition Tech

As connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices become more sophisticated, the ways in which users interact with these devices will change.
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Handheld’s NAUTIZ X8 ultra-rugged field computer gets new customizable add-ons

Handheld Group, a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, today announced new expansion pack features for its NAUTIZ X8 rugged PDA.
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Simulation Key for Systems Engineers

Systems engineering is becoming more complex as development times shrink and as products, such as smartphones, wearables, and even connected cars, also become more complex.


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It’s All about the Alphabet

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are in awe of Google. It comes as no surprise that when Google execs talk people listen.
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Inceptionism: When the Artist Is an Artificial Intelligence

When something you see or read triggers multiple trains of thought simultaneously, insight follows, the “aha” moment arrives, and you might get a mild headache.

The Peggy Smedley Show

Now They’re Talkin’

  • Peggy says cyber criminals are not resting and everyone needs to focus on cybersecurity. She explains how biometric authentication can improve safety and security, saying user experience often trumps security, and biometrics could be the great compromise to secure data.
  • Peggy breaks down a recent report by the BPI (Business Performance Innovation) Network, which looks at where organizations and business leaders are in terms of technology innovation. She asks: Do business leaders feel like their companies are keeping up with technology? Business leaders are understanding the message about technology and it is critical to take business to the next level.
  • Peggy challenges listeners, asking how competitors are using technology, suggesting to step back and look at the market. She recognizes transformative technologies can be overwhelming, but there are tech-savvy IT companies out there that are moving ahead and a host of companies that are ready and willing to help, but business leaders need to decide if they want to make that kind of investment.
  • Peggy looks at Mcity, a new connected car test facility, which might change the way we see connected cars in the near future. The University of Michigan is teaming up with industry, academia, and government to create an ecosystem of connected cars to dramatically improve safety, sustainability, and accessibility. These cars will be designed to improve traffic accidents and will automatically steer themselves.
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