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Zubie Fixes Vehicle Security Risk

Argus Cyber Security,, and Zubie, Inc.,, reported a security vulnerability was found by Argus in Zubie’s device, but has since resolved the safety issue.


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The Peggy Smedley Show

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  • Peggy Smedley speaks openly about why the KORE Wireless acquisition of Raco Wireless was so well executed, but also how it could “up the ante” in the world of M2M.
  • David Ewing, CTO, Synapse Wireless, believes the sky is the limit related to the future of IoT due to the number of opportunities to increase efficiencies and automate workflows in areas being done manually or through use of disconnected technologies.
  • In response to the number of recent mergers and acquisitions, Richard Baxter, CEO, Mesh Systems, says despite the industry still being in its infancy, as it matures, more companies will continue to try to find appropriate partners to work with if it helps business.
  • Kevin Hunter, COO, Gimbal, calls this an exciting time to be involved in this location proximity world, especially with beacons being such a hot topic right now.
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