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Constructech’s Top Products 2024 Top 91: Construction Technology for Your Business

It would be funny if it were not so true how history repeats itself in construction, infrastructure, and perhaps just about any other industry for that matter. As people we tend to sometimes forget the powerful legacy of those that came before, and how their technology has changed the lives of so many. We are so focused on artificial intelligence today, many of us have almost lost the importance of Steve Jobs’ vision with the introduction of the iPhone, in 2008.

And, more importantly, in the construction industry when he unveiled the iPad in 2010. Consider just for a moment how the iPad and even other mobility devices are seemingly revolutionary in making the construction jobsite operate, especially when you consider how the industry is consuming and embracing technology at every turn.

As most will agree, the construction industry was one of the last industries to embrace many emerging solutions. Most construction professionals considered adoption as a regrettable necessity. Now we are seeing advances in technology that are improving the jobsite, office, and user experiences in data, cloud, edge, and interoperability, and more. During the past few decades some of the solutions have been amazing. Other solutions have been acquired or faded into the night.

The question now becomes whether or not such a digital transformation is reinventing construction to help it manage through the worker shortage.

According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, Washington, D.C., more than 303,000 construction managers are employed in the industry. With that being said, mobile devices, like tablets and other smart devices, are being put into the hands of hundreds of thousands of construction professionals every day. Access to data to make realtime decisions is critical especially when you consider there are not enough workers to help get projects completed on time every day. Therefore, getting information into the hands of the people when and where they need it in a timely fashion has become more imperative now than ever before.

As we continue forward into this new year, we must consider our business needs and consider how technology enters the equation. The construction industry has an opportunity to leverage emerging technology in new and exciting ways in the year ahead including, but not limited to, AI (artificial intelligence), digital twin, metaverse, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), sensors, ERP (enterprise-resource planning), project management, estimating, accounting/job costing, and so much more.

Deciphering which technology is hot—and which technology is not—can be challenging in today’s data prolific market. This is where the Constructech Top Products enter the equation—which aims to cut through all the clatter to find the best products serving the construction industry.

In years’ past, Constructech has put out a call to entry and companies had the opportunity to submit their products. This year, in addition to technology companies submitting their own products, those on the editorial staff and editorial board could also nominate products they thought would qualify. This resulted in hundreds of products being considered.

To give a little context here; each product is entered in one of three categories: Concept (technology concepts less than three months old), New (applications in the market for less than two years) or Trusted (products on the market for at least two years, with upgrades or enhancements).

Once all the nominations were submitted, the ballots were sent to an independent panel of industry analysts and experts to vote if the product would qualify or not for this year’s Constructech Top Products. A big thank you to this year’s panel of judges including:

When judging the Top Products, the judges take into consideration several factors including: the backbone and core functionality of each platform, the new functionality that will allow contractors and homebuilders to develop strategies around technology, overall adoption rates, new customer wins for the past 12 months, and the uniqueness provided to the construction industry.

The hope is the research that is undertaken will help you identify the best products in the construction market as well as the solutions necessary for your project implementation for 2024 and beyond. Ultimately 24 were chosen as the crème of the crop—designated with a * below—in the list of 91 chosen overall and six outstanding newcomers—designated with a # below.

Below are this year’s Constructech Top Products winners. We will have more in-depth coverage coming on a select few in the months ahead. Stay tuned.

The Top 91 Constructech Top Products for 2024 are:

AccuLynx, AccuLynx, Trusted      

Acumatica, Acumatica, Trusted  

Adeaca, Project Business Automation, Trusted    

AirWorks Solutions, AirWorks Automate, Trusted             

Akular, AKULAR TWIN, New        

Alice, ALICE, Trusted       

Arvizio, Arvizio Immerse 3D, New            

Aurigo Software Technologies, Aurigo Enterprise, Trusted             

Autodesk, Revit, Trusted*

Autodesk, AutoCAD, Trusted*

Bentley Systems, SYNCHRO 4D, Trusted*

Bentley Systems, SYNCHRO Control, Trusted*

Bentley Systems, SYNCHRO Field, Trusted*

Bentley Systems, SYNCHRO Perform, Trusted      

Bluebeam, a Nemetschek Co., Bluebeam Cloud, New      

Boston Dynamics, Spot the Robotic Dog, Trusted*

Briq, Briq, New 

Buildertrend, Buildertrend, Trusted         

Buildxact, Buildxact, Trusted       

Built Technologies, Lien Waiver Management, Trusted    

Built Technologies, Trade Partner Management, New     

Canvas, Level 4 Targeted Spray System, New#

Clearstory, Clearstory, Trusted   

Command Alkon, TrackIt Advantage, New            

Command Post, Contractor’s Command Post, Trusted*

Computer Guidance Corp., eCMS v.4.2, Trusted*

ConstructEdge, Smart Jobsite, New#

ConstructEdge, Smart Trailer, New

Contractor Foreman, Contractor Foreman, Trusted          

Cupix, CupixWorks, Trusted        

Diamond Age 3D Inc., Factory-in-the-Field, New#

Dodge, Dodge Construction Central 2.0, Trusted

DroneDeploy, StructionSite, Trusted       

Ediphi, Ediphi, Concept 

Elecosoft, Asta Powerproject, Trusted    

Emesent, Hovermap Core, Concept  Inc., EquipmentShare T3 and Cloud, Trusted            

Esri, ArcGIS, Trusted*

Exodigo, Exodigo 3D Subsurface Mapping Platform, New#

Explorer Software, Eclipse, Trusted*

Facility Grid, Operational Readiness Platform, Trusted     

Felux,, New  

Field Materials, Field Materials, New      

Fieldwire by Hilti, Fieldwire, Trusted*

Foundation Software, TakeoffHQ, New  

Giatec, SmartMix, Concept          

Goformz, GoFormz, Trusted        

Graphisoft, Archicad, Trusted     

Green Badger, Green Badger, Trusted     

Guardhat Inc., Guardhat, Trusted             

Hammertech, HammerTech Insights, New#

Haul Hub Technologies,, Trusted   

HCSS, Heavy Job, Trusted             

HOVER, HOVER app, Trusted       

InEight, InEight Software, Trusted*

Intelliwave Technologies, SiteSense, Trusted,, New#

Kahua, Kahua, Trusted*

Kojo Technologies, Kojo, Trusted              

mJobTime, mJobTime, Trusted   

Nemetschek Group, ALLPLAN, Trusted*

Newforma, Newforma Konekt, New       

Nexvia, Nexvia, Trusted 

nPlan, nPlan, Trusted     

Ontraccr, Ontraccr, Trusted        

OpenSpace, OpenSpace, Trusted*

Oracle, Oracle Smart Construction Platform, Trusted*

OxBlue by Hexagon, Cobalt, Trusted        

PMWeb, PMWeb, Trusted*

Procore Technologies, Procore, Trusted*

Projectmates by Systemates Inc., Projectmates Construction Program Management Software, Trusted*

ProjectReady, ProjectReady, Trusted       

RedTeam Software, RedTeam Flex, Trusted          

Revizto, Revizto, Trusted              

Revolution Concrete Mixers, INSIGHT Mixer System, Trusted*

Rhumbix, Rhumbix, Trusted        

Rugged Robotics, Rugged Robotics Rover, New  

Sage, Sage Intacct, Trusted

SAP, SAP Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Trusted*

Sensera, SiteWatch PRO3 cameras, New

SmartBarrel, SmartBarrel, Trusted           

SmartPM, SmartPM, Trusted      

SoftwareONE, MTWO Construction Cloud, New 

Teletrac Navman, IQ Camera, New          

Tenna, TennaCANbus Tracker, New         

ToolSense, ToolSense Asset Operations Platform, Trusted             

ToolWatch, ToolWatch EHS, New            

Topcon, MC-X Platform, Trusted*

Trimble, Trimble Construction One, Trusted*

VTS, VTS Platform, Trusted          

XYZ Reality, The Atom, Trusted*

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