Virtual Reality

CES – 101: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

It’s really interesting to note how VR (virtual reality) stepped up to play an integral role this past holiday season. More specifically, Walmart deployed VR to help train its retail employees to speed up their daily tasks during the busy holiday to train them to find products quickly and deal with harried shoppers. Each worker went through VR training scenarios to work out their best responses to keep customers happy.

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Virtual Reality Opens Doors for Education

Two of the most talked-about IoT (Internet of Things) technologies today are AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). The potential to transform industries from manufacturing to healthcare seems just around the corner with AR and VR; in some cases, it’s just a matter of finding that “killer app” that takes the technology mainstream. Education is another sector that could benefit tremendously from continued innovation in AR and VR.

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What’s the Market Value for Industrial Wearables?

Recently, my editorial team and I were discussing an article that claimed Fitbit’s sales struggles bode poorly for the wearables market as a whole. The article cited lackluster 2016 holiday sales of fitness trackers and subsequent layoffs at Fitbit as evidence that the wearables market was “stagnant.” But here’s my point—since when did we give Fitbit so much say over the entire wearables space?

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Virtual Reality for Smart Cities and Citizens

In a world that offers virtual experiences, how will society change? Imagine a world in which VR (virtual reality) technology enhanced and improved reality in urban planning and building, product design, education and training, and beyond. Imagine how seamless VR-enabled telecommuting and telepresence capabilities could change the way cities operate—for instance, by redefining the need for physical transportation systems—or alter the way humans engage in cultural experiences like art and music? Imagining the possibilities of virtual reality and its partner in crime, AR (augmented reality), isn’t the hard part, unfortunately. The hard part is making it real on a grand scale.

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Kudelski Security Announces Industry’s First Managed Security Services Offering Featuring Illusive Networks’ Deception-Based Technology

Kudelski Security, the cybersecurity division within the Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) and trusted innovator for the world’s most security-conscious organizations, today announced that illusive networks’ innovative Deceptions Everywhere® technology has been integrated into Kudelski Security’s managed security services (MSS) offerings.

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Intel Gets Into the AR Game

A few weeks ago, on The Peggy Smedley Show, I dedicated an entire segment of the show to the Pokémon GO phenomenon. This AR (augmented reality) app has really taken the world by storm—and with it has come a lot of buzz about AR and VR (virtual reality).

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AR and the Enterprise

It seems like out of nowhere augmented reality, known as “AR,” has come into its own, or more importantly, is coming of age. The technology, which merges the physical and digital worlds, is by nature engaging. Because it is so engaging, AR has ignited the flame of innovation and is sparking growth in the IoT (Internet of Things). From pure consumer plays to enterprise applications in retail, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, medical, and beyond, AR-enabled solutions are offering new, immersive, and even exciting ways for users to experience digital content.

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