Peggy Smedley Show
  • Celebrating 800 Episodes

    Listen to Celebrating 800 Episodes Peggy Smedley celebrates 800 episodes of the show being on the air, giving an in-depth look at how technology has evolved since the show’s inception and insights on what’s to come. She says digital transformation has the potential to reinvent our processes, culture, and our business models—but we need the right workers to lead. She…

  • All about Scope

    Listen to All about Scope Peggy Smedley and Mark Kroese, general manager, sustainability solutions, Microsoft, and Eugenio Longo, sustainability director, TCS Europe, talk about Scope 1, 2, 3, and 4. They also converse about how Scope 3 becomes very complicated very quickly. They also discuss: The definitions for each one of the Scopes. How to do estimates and probabilistic studies…

  • The Realities of Ransomware

    Listen to The Realities of Ransomware Peggy Smedley and Scott Schober, president & CEO, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, talk about ransomware and some of the statements made on a previous episode of The Peggy Smedley Show. He explains that he disagrees with some of the statements made, saying that he hears about ransomware attacks all the time and that it is real…


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